Get great sex, pure pleasure, and passion in your life.

Guidance and unlearning from the clinical director of the largest sexual health center in the US.


Get great sex, pure pleasure, and passion in your life.

an internationally-recognized sexual health therapist with decades of clinical experience


When you realize pleasure is yours for the taking, life comes alive.
Take the sex points quiz and discover how to feel good tonight.

You want to feel good.

But you can’t actually remember the last time you were satisfied, fulfilled, or genuinely excited about the life you’re living right now.

No judgment. After all, so many of us are unsatisfied with our sex lives and unable to access the pleasure that reminds us of our passion for life.

And while so many people seem to have the answers, you feel like you’re flatlining & just going through the motions.

The difference between being deeply bored, or beautifully satisfied?

Allowing yourself to experience true pleasure.

This is the sex advice you never knew you needed.

I’m Dr. Bat Sheva.

I’m a pleasure activist who tells it like it is and I know that all too often, sex gets talked about in one of three ways:
• Clinical & off putting.
• Raunchy & off putting.
• Dismissive & off putting.

I know what you’re going through, and I’ve helped thousands of women who felt the same way.

A wonderful sex life and actual happiness can feel like something meant for other people — this unattainable goal that you see on social media, but can’t seem to “achieve”.


I get it, and I’m here to help you discover the parts of your life that can bring you pure pleasure.

As a certified sex therapist and clinical director of Maze Women’s Health, my blend of physiological & psychological expertise helps women embrace enjoyment — in the bedroom & beyond.

It’s a real pleasure to meet you.


“The last time I was in the office I told Dr. Marcus that she will be remembered for her contribution to Female Sexuality the way that Margaret Sanger was with birth control.”

— M, age 54